Thursday, March 3, 2011

What God is looking for

My husband sent this to me today and I couldn't agree more with what he wrote:

This struck me today listening to Hope Baptist sermons. Amidst the craziness we live in right now it is good to know that we don't need to be super Christians we just need to be available to God. In this season of unemployment I can't think of anything more encouraging.

God is not looking for super Christians he is looking for available followers.


Ann said...

which leads me to the question... which do you think is actually harder? Being a Super Christian means I get to be in control while following means turning over control to God. Sadly, I'm not good at turning over control...

Ken said...

Hi Stacey,I'm unemployed right now and in Gods waiting room learning patience,I believe God is not looking for abilities as much as hes looking for us to be available.