Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Acts 2 Easter clothes?

I took lots of pictures on Easter. It was a warm, sunny day and in Minnesota, warm, sunny Easter celebrations might be few and far between.

As I watched my two little ones run, hunt eggs, play, and laugh, I looked at them in their sweet Sunday clothes and felt overwhelmed with gratitude.

You see, my children were not wearing a stitch of clothing that I purchased. Not a single thing.

Lauren's clothes consisted of a dress from Averee, a sweater from Morgan, shoes from Makaela and a hair clip from our neighbors, Bella, Olivia and Monika.

Samuel's clothes included a shirt from Isaac and Micah, pants from the Lovett family and shoes from Charlie.

My children were dressed for Easter, looked so sweet and I was so grateful as I looked at them and realized that this is an important piece of community for me in this season of life: lending and borrowing things, particularly clothes. It is ridiculous to buy brand new clothes for both kids for every season. There are so many friends and family members who have children of similar ages/sizes, that it just makes sense to share clothes.

I'm not sure if that's what the author of Acts 2 was thinking about when he wrote the fellowship of believers. But I believe this is just one way we can live out Acts 2 today. Giving. Sharing. Borrowing. Lending. Offering. Creating. Teaching.

It's such a silly thing really. Easter clothes? Why do I even care? I care because when I look at these pictures it makes me feel loved. It means we are part of a community of people that believe in the same values as our family does. Some live close to us and some live further away, but it doesn't matter. We receive and we give and we are blessed beyond measure.

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Karissa Binder said...

Samuel looks like such a boy! I love the one with his hair blowing up a bit. Such cute kids!