Sunday, April 17, 2011

Collecting stories that celebrate adoption

Ryan is part of a local non-profit organization called Adoption Option of Minnesota.

They are working to gather stories about domestic adoption in Minnesota to post online. The due date is tomorrow, April 18. If you live in Minnesota and have adopted, please consider submitting your story! What a fantastic way to share your story and raise awareness about adoption.
Here are the details:

Hello! In celebration of adoption, our organization is creating an online, living scrapbook that will capture those life-changing stories of love that define adoption in our state. This special project will help all Minnesotans better understand adoption as an act of love.

The “Minnesota Loves Adoption” scrapbook will open by Mother’s Day 2011 and will be recognized in many ways throughout the year.

Specifically, the scrapbook stories will:

* Capture adoption journeys -- in stories, letters, poems and photos -- of Minnesotans.
* Celebrate domestic adoption stories (children born in the United States).
* Share stories of birth families, grandparents, adopted persons, adoptive families, friends and supporters.
* Reflect on how adoption has had a positive impact on the lives of individuals, families and communities.

To submit a story, please keep in mind:

* Each adoption story is unique and emotionally powerful, including joy, pain, delight and grief.  Please share your story honestly, in your own words, keeping a focus on the loving outcomes and the positive impression you want to share with others who may consider adoption in the future.
* Keep your story to about roughly 300 words long and include photos and/or a short video clip. Only your first name will be used unless otherwise requested.
* Submit your information to It will be reviewed and formatted to fit the scrapbook.
* You will be asked to sign a consent form, giving our organization permission to share your story.
* To ensure your story is included in the initial version of the scrapbook, please submit your information no later than April 18. After Mother’s Day, submissions will also be welcome from the public.

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