Tuesday, April 5, 2011

An Easter challenge

A couple years ago I read through the book of Luke prior to Easter. I'm planning to do that again this year.

Starting a week from today - Tuesday April 12 - I plan to read two chapters from Luke every day. In doing so, I will read the entire book of Luke by Easter. Two chapters a day seems quite doable, and will take me through the birth, life, death and end with the resurrection of Christ.

Spending 12 days leading up to Easter focused on the life, sacrifice of Christ on the cross and the miracle of His resurrection, will help prepare my heart and mind for the incredible celebration of Easter.

Because you see...

I've already made plans to celebrate Easter with family this year.
I've already looked in the closet to see what dress Lauren might wear for Easter.
I've already thought about the Easter Egg Hunt outreach our church holds on the 23rd and what fun that will be for the kids.
I've already bought - and eaten - Easter candy.

What I haven't yet done is take time to think about the miracle of Easter. The reason we celebrate. The foundation of my faith and all I believe rests upon the fact that we love, serve and believe in a risen Savior.

I do not want Easter 2011 to pass me by without taking time to still my heart and acknowledge the miracle of this celebration.

Would you consider joining me in this Easter challenge? If so, leave an "I'm in" comment and I'll be praying for each of us as we open our hearts and minds to the most incredible story ever written.


C said...

Thank you. I really needed this reminder.

Ann said...

I know that lent isn't something emphasized in many Evangelical churches, but since joining an Episcopal Church, and being introduced to lent (and just the flow of the liturgical calendar of the church), I been blessed immensely. I know there was probably good reason during the Reformation to question whether some of the practices of the church had become corrupt or misused (maybe lent included) and so they got thrown out all together, but I think you stumbled onto something important here. We have a need for reflection before we can celebrate Easter properly. I love lent... I take it as a time to reflect on my life and open myself up to reflection on what it is right now that is separating me from God. To help me do that this year I'm doing a fast from Facebook and instead I'm taking that time to journal. I can't tell you how rewarding this has been and how much God has used this opportunity to draw me closer in relationship to Himself. I for one would love to join you in your challenge to read Luke before Easter. So I'm in!
I for one would also love to see lent make a comeback in the Protestant churches. We should redeem lent instead of scraping it.

Jaimee said...

I'm in! I so want and need to focus on Him this Easter. Thanks for the tip!

Jaimee Greene

Jenny said...

I'm in.

Nicole Riggs said...

Thank you, my check list for Easter looks similar to your and now I have a chance to refocus this Easter Season. Thank you and I'M IN!

Becky said...

Thank you! My hubby and I are in!

Deanna K said...

I'm in!
It's in my calendar...and I'd love it if we could hold each other accountable. :)
Btw, happy birthday (early, or late - depending on when you read this!)

Kate said...

I'm in!