Thursday, April 14, 2011

Easter Challenge

Last week I posted an Easter Challenge. The challenge involves reading two chapters of Luke each day until Easter.

We're only three days into the challenge and I think it's truly challenging me!

It's so easy to read email, check FB, take a quick peek at some blogs, pick up a book I'm reading, watch some just about anything when I have a few free moments rather than open my Bible.

Why is that? I'm 35 years old - shouldn't it be easier by now?

Maybe not. Maybe that's why I called it an Easter Challenge - because it's challenging me to do what doesn't come natural.

But as I read these life-giving words, the story of my Savior, the sacrifice of my King, I am reminded of where I want my heart and mind to focus in the days leading up to Easter.

Maybe the challenge also comes in celebrating the resurrection more than Easter eggs.

If you want to join in, please do! It's not too late!

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Anonymous said...

I will join you Stacy :). Putting my big girl pants a certain friend of ours would say :)