Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It's getting much easier!

A year ago I wrote this post: Sabbath Sundays.

Reading it now makes me laugh. And shudder. And think, "Wow. That was really crazy."

And it makes me realize something incredibly wonderful:

It's getting easier.

I know I've written that before, but it's really true.

Lauren is 18 months and Samuel is 2 1/2 and it is getting so much easier.

Easier to go places. Easier to communicate. Easier to teach and see that they are comprehending.

There are no morning naps to worry about before church. There is no more nursing or pumping or even bottles.

One diaper bag. Two kids in the nursery (one happily, one that still cries when she is left).

No more poop blowouts.

Samuel can better understand when it's time to go, boundaries and listening. Lauren is still learning all that, but she's not nearly as fast or as curious as her brother was at 18 months.

Things are still crazy....I mean, c'mon....I have a 1 and 2 year old.

But they are not insanely crazy.

It's just the normal, parenting craziness of little ones.

I am thoroughly enjoying this wonderful stage and I am thanking God I made it through the toughest part.

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Mie said...

It's interesting how perspective changes things. Just as an infertile I longed to be pregnant and then didn't enjoy every minute of it (and now would love to experience it again even the yuckies), I now look fondly back at those days when my son was little (now 4.5) and wish I could enjoy those times again. It is easier in many ways with an older child and I love almost everything about having a kid almost starting kindergarten, but I savor my fond memories of being a mommy to a baby and toddler - lack of sleep and all.