Monday, April 18, 2011

My home

Ryan and I first laid eyes on our house in June of 2008. It was old. And in need of repair.

But it was a hidden gem and we jumped on it quickly.

That was nearly three years ago.

A lot of time, money and sweat has been poured into our home. We remodeled the entire kitchen.

We painted. Tore down wall paper. Repaired holes. Replaced light fixtures.

And today we love our home and I'm learning to live with cold, hardwood floors and drafty old windows. 

However, we didn't move to this part of town because of a house, but rather because of a dream to be part of something bigger than ourselves.

We helped launched what is now known as Mill City Church. Two years ago on Easter we held our first official service. We didn't know anyone who already lived here when we bought this home and moved.

Two years later we are in a City Group with six other incredible couples. I am in a mom's group that meets weekly on Thursday mornings. We are part of a community of people that strives to love in the name of Jesus. And through this community we have been served in small beautiful ways and big, sacrificial ways.

Sunday night we held a meeting in our home. There were 15 adults present and 16 kids (with two on the way). We met to discuss the idea presented in this article. We came to no conclusion, but rather provided a time and place for thoughts to be shared and questions to be voiced.

The people that came are our friends. Our neighbors. The families we do life with. Our children love one another and play together frequently. We celebrate together. We break bread together. We grow together and mourn together.

For some unknown reason, I was deeply touched Sunday evening to see our home used in this way. And Thursday morning many of these same moms will walk through my front door with kiddos in hand and be ready to study and discuss what we're reading in Luke.

In our home we've held meetings for marriage workshops, core team meetings, City Group meetings, and enjoyed countless meals with friends.

I didn't know when I walked through this home almost three years that God would use it like this. I didn't know the conversations that would take place, the relationships that would be built or the laughter and tears that would be shared together.

But God knew. He had a plan for our home. He moved us here. He led us to this home. He has blessed it beyond measure and it is being used for His glory.

Amen and amen.


Becky said...

Amen! This is straight from the Lord's mouth to my ears this morning. I have been having major anxiety about our upcoming move and house hunt. I needed to hear this. Thank you!

karissa said...

I love this post! I love your home, and I love going to visit the occupants :) I love that Mak always says she's hungry when she's there because she knows you make good things and make your house a home, I love that you are within walking distance, and I love that we get to celebrate this Sunday the amazing things that God did 2000 years ago and in the last two years too.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Karissa - I love this post! Your house is gorgeous and has the character that I wish our house had. I've never thought of it as such an important vehicle for God to do his work. I am also so grateful for the community at Mill City!
Sarah S.