Monday, May 30, 2011

Dear Samuel and Lauren

Dear Samuel and Lauren,

Today is Memorial Day 2011. 

Just a few hours ago we piled into our car and drove a short distance to the cemetary near our home.

Your great-grandpa May is buried there and your great-great grandparents. We prayed, read some Scripture and acknowledged a man that was very dear to your daddy.

I watched you both run around smiling, laughing, playing. My heart swells with pride and love - to see you full of life and wonder. You experience freedom every day even though you don't know what freedom is. You enjoy the benefits of being an American even though you're not aware that you live in America. You see the flag and you don't realize the sacrifices made to keep those stars and stripes flying high.

You bellies are full, your bodies are healthy, your minds are clear and growing. My son and my daughter - we are incredibly privileged to live in the Unites States of America. We live in a prosperous land with the freedom to worship, work and live as we please.

We tried to explain to you Samuel what today is about and what it represents. You don't really understand, but that's ok. Someday you will. Today you are filled with childhood innocence and that's exactly as it should be. There will be plenty of tomorrows for you ask questions, ponder freedom, remember those we've loved and lost.

I thank God for the gift of being an American and that I get to raise my family here. And I am thankful for Memorial Day and the opportunity to remember.

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Aunt Sharon said...

Thank you, Stacy, for a beautiful tribute. You know I had tears as I read it. The pictures are precious.
Thank you again. It's not hard to imagine grandpa smiling! He loved you all so much!