Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tornado relief efforts in North Minneapolis

I've blogged about a lot of topics on this blog, but never about tornadoes or relief efforts. 

Today that changes. North Minneapolis suffered massive destruction Sunday afternoon from a tornado and my heart is so heavy for them. I live in Northeast Minneapolis and just a few miles from our home, neighborhoods are completely destroyed.

Tonight I read this observation from someone who toured North
This evening I walked through some of the blocks that were hit hardest. Trees were toppled onto houses and cars, many houses had windows broken out, and utility crews were using front end loaders to push trees out of the streets so that emergency vehicles could get through. One three-story apartment building had its roof torn off, and nearly every window was blown out. On the street out front, a family from that apartment huddled around their car, its rear window shattered, with a fallen utility pole and splintered 2x4s blocking the car in. The mother was holding a young baby, trying to keep it calm, while they consoled each and waited to get transportation to the shelter at the Armory in NE Minneapolis.

Ryan and I heard the sirens go off on Sunday, but our home was not affected. Our neighborhood was not destroyed. When I read about a mom holding her infant with no place to care for her baby, my heart is burdened.

Missouri, Oklahoma, Minnesota....pray for the people impacted by these storms. Pray that God would be glorified as people of faith STEP UP and do something.

If you are local, here are a few links offering information on how and where to help serve with the relief efforts:






My friend who works at Sheridan School (where many students from North attend) and where Mill City holds our worship services each week, has been calling and reaching out to the students and families who live in North. She is talking to parents who are telling her that they've lost everything. Their home and all that was in it, is gone.

We say we love Jesus. We say we want to follow in His footsteps. Lets do that friends. Lets teach our kids what it means to serve. Lets talk about the people who lost their homes and what we can do to help: we can pray, we can pass out sandwiches and water bottles, we can pull on our work boots, give up the comfort of a lazy Saturday afternoon or evening at home and go volunteer, we can donate money from our piggy banks, we can bake goodies and hand them out. Cancel plans if you have to. Call a family meeting and talk together about what you can do to help those in need....the ideas are endless.

It's our opportunity to respond.

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cybil said...

Wonderful, Stacy! Praying for you guys to be a great blessing!