Friday, June 3, 2011

My blog got me a job

I'm not totally sure, but I'm fairly confident my blog landed me a part-time writing job.

For a good great company in downtown Minneapolis.

In early May I got a call from my girlfriend's husband. He said his company was looking for a writer. A female writer. Who was probably in her 30s or 40s. Who could write to a Christian audience. And who might possibly know how to blog.

So he

That was Monday. He connected me with the right person and I interviewed with her on Thursday. She looked at my blog samples, my resume and my samples from past 'real jobs.' Then she looked at my blog samples again. On Friday they called and said they wanted me to be part of their team.

I started last week and I'll work about 15-20 hours a week. Writing. Blogging. Faith-based content. Doing exactly what I have a degree in and I get to write about Jesus.

There are so many emotions and thoughts involved with this. Heavy on my heart is the fact that my husband has been searching for a job for a year and in one week I land a fantastic freelance writing job.

He has been amazing. Totally and completely supportive. Encouraging. Helpful. And very excited for me.

No resentment. No jealousy. No anger.

Who is this man that I married? So much better than I deserve.

Then there's the absolute gratitude that fills me from the tips of my toes. God continues to provide. I worked at church for 6 months and just as that time was coming to a close, this opportunity presented itself.

Great pay. Wonderful schedule - a couple days a week and I still get to love on my kids most days. And did I mention I will get to blog? About Jesus?

The flip side is that I'm feeling a tad overwhelmed....learning how to be a working woman in corporate America while still being a dedicated mom, a supportive wife, a homemaker, friend, sister, many roles. So much to learn. 

But this is God providing. Not how I thought he would. Not how we planned. But in a way that seems right.

And I'm left feeling incredibly grateful. To God for providing this opportunity and for a husband that amazes me daily in how he loves me. Even when it's got to be gut-wrenchingly hard for him.

So I think about this blog. And the story God has written and continues to write about our lives. And how, it seems to me, my blog got me a job.

I smile. Because really, God got me a job. But He used this blog to do it.

I think that's pretty sweet. And so like God.


Sky said...

Amen! How wonderful our God is :-)

wright said...

That is so exciting. I just found your blog recently and I really love reading it. I can see why they want you. Can you tell us more about this job so we can check out your work there?

Stacy said...

The blog hasn't been started yet, but once it gets going, I'll let you know. Thanks for your interest!

Amy Van Beck said...

Congrats on the new job - that sounds like a perfect fit for you! I love your writing and look forward to following another blog of yours.