Tuesday, June 21, 2011

We’re on vacation!

Hello dear friends,
Our sweet family is on our first vacation as a family of four! We are In northern Minnesota where the temperature is a cool 58 degrees and the grass glistens with rain drops.

We borrowed a friend’s mini van, packed it full and we are enjoying five days in a cabin. Our view is one of pine trees, a beach, and a beautiful lake.

We were gifted a week at this glorious resort (Eagle Beach to all my friends who have been here) and we are so thankful.

I have two prayer requests for any of you that would be willing to intercede on our behalf:

1 – Selfishly, I am in need of some sun. When one is at a cabin, on a lake, with a gorgeous beach just steps off their deck, the desire for warmth and sun is high. The forecast is not looking so sunny. Please pray that God might move the clouds and reveal the beauty of the sun. I am desperately hoping to see a couple sunsets while sitting on my deck looking at the lake. We have just five days to vacation together and I’d love to see my kiddos enjoy the outdoors while we're here.

2 –  This is an unexpected request that filled my heart 3 minutes after we arrived. The resort is owned by a couple and helped run by their adult children and spouses. One couple is about the same age as Ryan and I, and they have 6 children. Only 1 child is biological. They have fostered and adopted numerous times. The children are ages 16-10 weeks.

For whatever reason my heart is desperately searching right now about the future of our family. Will God lead us to adoption again? Might He give us the go ahead some day to pursue conceiving another child and bless us that way? Should we even ask God for another biological child when there are so many in desperate need of loving families? Is God drawing us toward foster care and possible adoption that way? My heart is restless over this friends and I have absolutely no understanding why.

So the end of this very long prayer request is that we would have an opportunity this week to talk to the couple that lives here, hear their story and see if what they have to say resonates with our hearts. I want to learn from them – why have they chosen this path to grow their family? How has God directed them to make the choices they have? How can we seek God for wisdom as a result of hearing about their journey?

I hope to blog a bit more frequently this week and post some pictures of God’s gorgeous creation and my darling children!


JellyBelly said...

You've got my prayers!

Jess said...

How about we pray for each other? You for Sunshine & Clarity, and me for all things baby!. Hubby and I are coming up to our 1 year ttc after facing 2 miscarriages. Would love to have my own little bambino to hold. :-)

Hope you have fun on your Vaca!

Stacy said...

Jess - I will pray for you! Thank you for sharing.