Monday, July 25, 2011


In the midst of bath time craziness last night the doorbell rang. I walked quickly to the front door only to realize too late that it was a gal, with a clipboard and an agenda.

And her agenda was not my agenda.

She quickly launched into her deep gratitude for the support of our neighborhood last year in getting all the funding they needed to continue to promote pro-choice for women and all of their reproductive rights.

I've had people stop at my door before with this agenda, but they had caught me off guard and I didn't say what was on my heart.

Last night I said it.

Thankfully a naked little Samuel had followed me to the front door. I reached down and tousled his hair before I looked at this pro-choice advocate straight in the eyes and said, "Our son is adopted. His mom had a choice and she chose life. It's because of her decision to choose life that we have our son today. We are absolutely pro-life."

She quickly mumbled, "Have a good night" and went on her way. It was very apparent that she did not want to have any sort of further discussion or debate with me.

Here's where I stand on this topic.

I'm actually pro-choice.


I really am.

Every single woman has a choice to have protected sex or unprotected sex (obviously I am not referring to those who are not given a choice).

That's where the choice lies.

The choice is not about what to do with the life that was conceived as a result of the first choice.

I have always been pro-choice AND pro-life.

You choose unprotected sex, then you choose life. And then your next choice is whether you choose to raise this child yourself, or choose an adoption plan.

I believe women should have rights too. I believe they deserve plenty of choices and lots of freedom. But none of those choices involve taking the life of an unborn baby.

And once again my heart is overwhelmed with gratitude at the choice Samuel's birth mom made. Because she chose life - and made an adoption plan - I have the gift and privilege of raising our son today.

So c'mon pro-choice advocates. Knock on my door, give me your clipboard and spout off all the reasons why women should have rights and choices.

I'll let my blue-eyed, blonde-haired miracle tell you why I won't ever support your agenda.


Mie said...

Great post! I love that you broke out the two comments - prochoice and prolife - you are right they are not mutually exclusive and hopefully for one person you planted a seed.

Garbers said...


Three questions -

1- what about the people that have protected sex and still get pregnant?

2-What do you mean by protected sex? Birth Control for women? (e.g. pill, ring, diaphragm, etc...) Men (condom)

3- What are your views from the people who say that any form of birth control is abortion in that, natural family planning is the only form of non-abortion.

Thanks Stacy. I ask because I know you probably have thought more about this than me and I'd be curious to know your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Excellent, thoughtful questions, Garbers!

I'm very curious about all of this, especially since I read recently that the birth control pill many, many times acts a chemical abortifacient.

~Jenn~ said...
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~Jenn~ said...

this gave me chills!!! LOVE IT!!!

Raina said...

Amen to everything you said! It breaks my heart that this country allows life for the unborn to be a choice based on convenience.