Sunday, August 7, 2011

Dear Samuel

I couldn't let today go by without writing you a letter my little man. You make my heart so full and I don't want to forget the many many things that you do that make me smile.

That said, you're testing my patience and pushing your boundaries daily....even hourly. We are working hard on listening and obeying, but I know you are little and those lessons take a lot of practice.

Just minutes ago I heard you on the monitor and I thought you were asking for me. Then I realized you were singing. I paused what I was doing to listen and heard your sweet sweet voice singing, "I'm in the Lord's army, yes sir. I may never march in the infantry..."

You make me smile.

You make me laugh.

You make me thankful to be your mama.

I created a little corner in your bedroom that we are calling your reading nook. It has blankets and pillows and is perfect for you and Lauren. Tonight as we sat there reading books you looked at me and said, "This is so awesome." It is awesome Samuel. I love snuggling with you and reading to you and praying with you and singing to you.

On Friday we were in the car praying for daddy and some of our friends who are going to be having babies soon. You didn't want to pray so I just prayed. Then you wanted to know why we pray and after I told you, you responded, "It makes God sad when we don't pray."

So wise. So insightful.

Today when I dropped some ice on the kitchen floor and it shattered everywhere I said, "Oh stink." From the other room, I heard a little voice say, "We don't say stink mommy." You're right Samuel. Thank you for reminding mommy to be wise with her words.

Yesterday I took you to your first movie in a movie theater. Winnie the Pooh. It was only 60 minutes so it was the perfect length for you. You loved the theater. You loved the popcorn. You loved sitting on my lap (I think you were scared to sit in your own chair). But I loved watching you take it all in.

I love that you sing with me and talk to me and ask me to play with you and tell me stories and help me notice things I wouldn't normally notice. I love that we tell each other secrets and you always whisper to me, "I love you so much."

I love YOU so much Samuel. What a blessing it is to get to be your mama. 


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Leslie Broussard said...

God has gifted you greatly with the ability to express emotion in writing. I long to write similar letters to my husband, my mother, my stepson, my baby - everyone I cherish. It's a great blessing, Stacy. I pray you continue to use it!