Tuesday, August 30, 2011

From messes to masterpieces

This week I've been reading my journal from the first time I found out I was pregnant and the two years that followed my first miscarriage. It's been painful to read, but also good for my heart.

I smiled when I read these words:

"I know there is a bigger picture that is hard to see and I'm trusting you to reveal it in your time." - May 2008

Little did I know that Samuel was already about 16 weeks along...and we were just months away from meeting our miracle. 

When I wrote those words in my journal I was battered, bruised and broken. My heart was heavy, the journey was long and I was tired. I was striving to trust but it was tough.

I feel a bit like I did in May of 2008. The road is long and we don't know if we're weeks or months away from our next miracle. I am so thankful I have those words from 2008 to encourage my heart today.

God there are so many of us waiting for you to reveal the bigger picture in our lives. We're up close so we only see a few strokes of the masterpiece you are painting. But we know you are painting a picture that is more breathtaking than we can imagine. You did it for us once. You've done it for so many others. It's incredibly hard to wait but we know you make beauty from our ashes. You turn our messes into masterpieces. And we know that stroke by beautiful stroke, you are creating a masterpiece with our lives. Help me trust again that you will reveal it in your time just as you did before. Help each person reading this to trust that you are working out a masterpiece in their life as well. We love you Jesus.

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