Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Lauren!

Dear Lauren,
Happy 2nd Birthday sweet baby girl! I am sure I will say this every year, but I can't believe you are TWO! You are at such a fun and wonderful stage. One was delightful, but an age that required so much attention as you learned to walk and had no fear and couldn't understand much.

But at two you can talk and understand and play by yourself and follow directions and communicate your wants and needs.

It's been a busy two years with you and your brother and we finally feel like we're at a stage where you both play together, are the best of friends and it's much easier to take you places and do things with you both.

Today was truly an example of a time, as a parent, when my joy comes more from watching you and Samuel than it does from me experiencing something myself.

What a busy busy day we had celebrating you turning two. This morning we went to Como Zoo with Papa, Gma, Jonathan and Molly, Oliver and the twins! We saw zebras, giraffes, buffalo, a lion, a tiger, polar bears and seals. It was a perfect day. Warm sun, cool air and the zoo wasn't busy because everyone else is in school this time of year!

We went home and you and Samuel slept for 2 1/2 hours. We woke you and promptly put you in the car and took a train ride! We were joined by our friends Mak and Cole and baby Will on the Light Rail. It was really fun to see your excitement to ride the train. We went to the Mall of America where we met auntie Sher and Gma Ruth, ate mac-n-cheese and went on rides. Our friends had free tickets and it was pure joy to watch you and your brother enjoy the many rides including the 'horsies' on the carousel. Everything is exciting at your ages and the night was incredibly memorable. You got to bed very late but it was worth it!

Lauren you still love your mama so very much and want her more than anyone else in the world. That is such a sweet sweet feeling for me. I know it won't last and I'm soaking it in for now.

Your loves in life: blanket, teddy and nuk, dolls, dressing up in regular clothes or 'dress up clothes', cheese, yogurt, bagels, strawberries, swinging, Sammy Lee, Dora, Elmo, singing, music and dancing (especially to the Lion King soundtrack). You sing many times every day and the sound of you singing is music to our ears. Lately you've been singing Amazing Grace and Shine Jesus Shine. I hope you continue to sing songs with great meaning and truth.

Every night when we sing and pray before going to sleep, you always tell me who to pray for: Oliver and Leaf (our neighbors), grandparents, friends, family members. You say them by name and yell them out as quickly as I can pray for them. I hope that your heart always believes in the power of prayer sweet girl. I will pray for you and with you all the days of my life.

Phrases/words we frequently hear: C'mon. Sit down. No, I wanna do it. Daddy-do. How 'bout....crackers? Yogurt? (you love to negotiate what food you get to eat). Cut the pickle. One more minute (you also like to negotiate more time to do something) or four minutes.

One of my favorite recent memories: I got off the bus one day from work and you and Samuel came running across the lawn to me. You jumped in my arms, hugged me tight and said, "I missed you today. I wuv you." My heart melted baby girl. That was music to my ears and makes coming home from work so so sweet.

Tonight I thanked God for you little girl. I am so thankful he brought you into our family and that we have the privilege of loving you every day and teaching you about a God who loves you even more than we do.

Happy 2nd birthday Lauren Ruby. You are dearly dearly loved and we celebrate you today!



JellyBelly said...

Happy birthday sweet Lauren!

cybil said...

Happy birthday!!!!!
Enjoy this day!