Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Samuel

Dear Samuel,
Yesterday was your 3rd birthday. Happy birthday my little man. There are no words to describe the joy you bring to my heart and the thankfulness to God that your dad and I have for bringing you into our lives three years ago today.

You are so sweet, so entertaining, so energetic, so curious, so delightful and so exhausting. Our world was rocked the day we got the call about you and it's never been the same since.

How do I communicate to you Samuel that I feel so privileged to be your mom? Celebrating your birthday, talking with you about Jesus, teaching you about baking and cooking...to be your mom is to see things through new eyes every day. 

Before I had a son, there were so many things I didn’t notice. Police cards. Fire trucks. Diggers. Trains. Dump trucks. Dinosaurs. Drums. Guitars.

Construction and emergency vehicles passed by me unnoticed. Musical instruments did not give me cause to stop and listen and then immediately imitate. I didn't visit the zoo every month hoping to see sparky the seal. I wasn't aware that monsters could be part of every conversation whether we're discussing going to the potty or eating lunch.

But not anymore. I have a son. And because of that I see the moon when we're driving home from grandpa and grandma's house at night. I stop to wave at school buses when they drive by. I am now aware that nearly anything can become a drum stick in the hands of a little boy. And the act of hiding from monsters is a regular occurrence in my life these days.

Being a mom to a little boy has made me a better, more well-rounded person. Thank you for that Samuel. I hope I don't ever stop noticing all the things in life that you are passionate about.

Here are some things you've said recently that make my heart smile:

Who are you talking to Samuel? "The moon, but he's not listening."

"What does pardon mean?"

"Can I have a hug too?" (after I hugged Lauren when I got home from work)

"Can I put my arm around your neck?" (while reading to you)

"Is that grass on your sandwich?" (while I was eating a veggie sub from Jimmy Johns on $1 day)

"I can do all things through Christ." (you say it with actions and you even taught your sister this verse)

"Mom do we say we kill someone?
No we don’t say that.
But the news just said it."

While discussing baby Jesus in his children’s Bible, “Can I kiss him?”

While discussing Mary with baby Jesus in her tummy, “Can I put a baby in my tummy?”

While looking at Goliath’s sword in the children’s Bible: "Is that a lightsaber?" (Because our friend and neighbor Oliver has a lightsaber).

"I want to shoot some ladders." (while we were at a park called Chutes and Ladders)

"Dad make sure you don't get into the street." (while yelling out the door at dad who was walking to a neighbor's home)

And my two favorites:

"I want to tell someone that Jesus died on the cross."

"Did you know that Jesus takes all the monsters away?"

I love you with my whole heart Samuel...all the way to the moon and back. I treasure these days with you. They are challenging me and growing me and teaching me. And I wouldn't trade them for the world.

I am proud of the little man you are becoming. I love our conversations and all that you are learning. You teach me so much. And I enjoy teaching you about the God of the universe who loves you so much.

Happy 3rd birthday. Lets make it a great year little man!

Love you,


cybil said...

Happy birthday from Switzerland!
Have a fun year, Samuel, full of joy, peace, laughter, with great friends and God's big blessings and protection!

"All in His Perfect Timing" said...

Happy Birthday, Samuel!

Your post brings tears to my eyes. Thank heaven for little boys. :)

Leslie Broussard said...

I say this every time you write a letter to Samuel, but seriously, your ability to write is such a Heavenly gift. I just love reading your writing, Stacy. I pray Samuel has a great appreciation for reading so he can devour these letters with great joy.