Wednesday, November 30, 2011

30 days of gratitude and adoption

We've come to the end of November.

Gratitude and adoption.

That's all I wrote about this month.

Gratitude. I’ve learned to ask God to use this season to show me how to have a heart of gratitude. As we continue to run this race, we do so with hearts of gratitude for all God is teaching us in spite of the challenges this journey brings. My gratitude cannot and will not be dependent on time or family or money or relationships or jobs or health. For those things we are abundantly grateful. But at its core, I am grateful simply because the alternative – ingratitude – is not an option. In all honestly, ingratitude is a sin. Scripture calls us to be thankful and give thanks. Always. In every circumstance. Therefore, when I choose ingratitude (and I might not think I am choosing ingratitude, but I am) I am disobedient to the Lord.

I think what I've learned most this month is that choosing gratitude in everything is much much harder than I had anticipated. We end this month with the last job possibility having been taken off the table today. There is nothing else on the job horizon as we look to Christmas and the new year. And yet we're still called to hearts of gratitude. I am to present my requests to God with thanksgiving. It's stretching. It's painful. It's the only way. 

Adoption. I’ve also written about adoption and I have much more to say about this topic. In the weeks and months to come, you’ll hear more from me because I am passionate about adoption (as if you hadn’t noticed) and because I’m madly in love with the little man who has blessed us because of the gift of adoption. You'll also hear more about adoption because I just started reading Adopted for Life by Russell Moore and it’s deep. And awesome. And heartbreaking. And because I just got this email in my inbox today. And now there are more incredible adoption blogs like this that I will be reading and life-changing books that I absolutely must read such as Kisses from Katie. Which will then be followed by reading Before You Were Mine. The book list is long. The days are short. But the passion is great and the stories of God working in this world are too good to miss.

Adoption has changed my life. And it continues to change my life. And God continues to mold my heart and draw me to His heart...and He is ALL ABOUT adoption friends. Because He adopted first. And now He tells us to go care and love and feed and teach in His name. How can I not be about adoption? How can we all not be about adoption? We are adopted. Every single one of us.

Before the month started I’m not sure I was aware how intertwined the two themes of gratitude and adoption are. I am deeply grateful to God for adopting me into His family so I can live as a child of the King. And I am profoundly grateful for the adoption of my son Samuel into our family.

Because we have been adopted by our Creator, we are called to live lives of gratitude. Do you understand that? Do you grasp that concept? As an adopted daughter - His daughter - God has made me a new creation and gratitude is the only appropriate response.

Thank you for journeying with me this month as I learn about gratitude and as I share my heart for adoption.

Day 30: I am grateful for my readers. I started this blog as a way to tell our friends and family about a little baby boy who came into our lives. It has become a place for me to pour out my heart and fill pages with what I am learning and how I am growing. Thank you for reading. Some of you know me in real life. Others of you I have never met and yet you continue to come and read and give me space to enter into your life. Thank you for allowing me that privilege. And thank you for writing to me – with your heartaches, your joys and the stories of your journey. Thank you for reminding me that God can use a sinner saved by grace to minister to others. And thank you God for giving me a story and for the opportunity to share that story with others.


Ann said...

I was reading through Matthew last week and I realized that Matthew traces Jesus's bloodline to David through Joseph (not Mary). So Jesus's adoption by Joseph is good enough for God to keep his promise to David that the Messiah would be his heir. This really moved me. There is so much to learn about God by learning about adoption. Beautiful!

Perfect Power in Weakness said...

I'm grateful for you and your blog. It's helped me through some of my darkest times of waiting. I've given you a Liebster award. Check my blog for details.