Monday, November 7, 2011

Will you rock me?

Twice in 24 hours Samuel asked me to rock him.

Once it was 2:30 a.m.

The other time it was 10 minutes after I had put him to bed.

Both times I was weary from long days of parenting. Both times I could not resist. I kissed those cheeks. I hugged that tiny neck. I smelled that sweet boy smell.

And I rocked my little man. Because someday he will be too big too rock. Someday he won't ask. Someday he will be about rock-n-roll, and not rocking with his mama.

Lord help me to always say yes. Grant me supernatural strength to say yes when I am bone tired...because my yes communicates safety and security and love and concern and value.

Remind me God that you created these arms to praise you and to hold my loved ones. Help me to do both well. 

Day 7: I am grateful for the times when I stop doing, running, making, planning, finishing, and focusing. I am grateful for the moments when I stop. Listen. Be still. Rock. Sing. Hold. Love. Treasure.

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