Sunday, December 11, 2011

Advent Conspiracy and a request

1 - Watch this:

2 - Spend a couple minutes (or more if you're interested) reading this site: Advent Conspiracy

3 - Check out how Living Water International has impacted people around the world. 340 Living Water Wells have provided clean water for 200,000 people. Not only do they provide clean water, they also share with those desperate to hear about living water - a relationship with Jesus Christ.

4 - Americans spend $450 Billion on Christmas gifts every year. The estimated cost to make clean water available to everyone worldwide is $20 billion. Think about washing your clothes, doing your dishes and bathing all in the same water. Then thinking about dipping your glass - or your child's sippy cup - into that same water.That's what families do every day around the world.

5 - I hope that thought encourages you to wrap up one more Christmas gift for your spouse. Or your kids. Or your parents. Or your friends. Wrap up the gift of clean water. Change a life. Change a community. Provide the gift of water...clean water, living water.

Friends, it's rare I make a plea like this, but I'm passionate about helping us keep the Christ in Christmas and combat the focus our society places on consumerism. I love gifts and I love shopping. But I've also committed to being very intentional about what I purchase and how much I spend. Tomorrow has been marked as 'Green Monday' - one of the most popular days to order Christmas gifts online. Americans have already spent almost $20 billion online thus far in the holiday season. Forecasters expect another billion to be spent online tomorrow.

Together lets give a gift that reflects the heart of Christmas. Give online today.

From the depth of my heart, I say thank you.

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