Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dear Samuel

Dear Samuel,
Hello buddy! It's time to write my annual New Year's Eve letter.

This year instead of going out, we're staying in...and sleeping. You've both been sick for the past four days and it's made for a long last week of 2011.

We hope that you'll take good care of your sis Samuel. You can stay up all night if you like, just please be quiet.

Samuel you can easily get your water bottle out of the fridge if you're thirsty. Just remember to shut the door. If you get hungry, help yourself to a banana on the kitchen table or some chips from the pantry. But don't eat the caramel corn on the counter - I made that for your dad and it has too much sugar for your little body.

Lauren loves Rice Chex so you can bring her a bowl. Don't eat out of the box please. And wipe up the crumbs on the table...or floor...or couch when you're done. Be sure not to run and eat - it's not safe.

Now that you're going in the potty please remember to wash your hands after using the toilet - especially if you're going to eat a snack. And don't forget to shut off the water!

You can ring in the New Year by watching a couple episodes of Dora or Finding Nemo or Frosty the Snowman. Those have been pretty popular with you guys while you've been sick. That should entertain you two for a couple hours.

Then read some books or color or 'do a project.' I am sure you can find plenty of things to do to keep yourselves busy.

Samuel if Lauren gets upset or over-tired, sing Amazing Grace to her. It calms her every time. You could also pray with her. Or ask her to pray. She prayed her first full prayer at bedtime tonight. From Dear Jesus all the way to Amen she did it by herself.

Play your guitar to celebrate the gift of a new year. Lauren requested Built This City on Rock and Roll this morning so that might be a fun one to play. Yeah, I know it's from the 80s but it's one of mom's favorites.

It's snowing outside but you cannot go out without mom and dad. We'll get up once it's light out and then we'll go out to 'play' (aka throw snowballs at dad).

Dad would love a cup of coffee to greet him first thing in the new year so go ahead and pull up a chair to the counter, grap a filter and put in a couple scoops of coffee grounds. You help dad with this daily so I'm positive you can make a hot cup of java (just be careful pouring in the water).

We love you both. We're so proud to be your parents and so thankful to celebrate another year with the two of you. You teach us much, you stretch us to new heights and you continue to show us how much love our hearts can hold.

But we're also really tired, so we'll see you in the morning. After the sun is up please.

Dad and Mom

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