Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A season of waiting

Advent is the season of waiting.

And we all know I'm familiar with waiting.

What is so beautiful about this season of waiting is that we know what it is we're waiting for: the celebration of the birth of Christ.

I work for a Lutheran company and they have an advent service once a week leading up to Christmas.

It has been very cool to experience these services. I feel a bit out of place since I am not Lutheran and do not understand the 'format' of the service nor do I know the correct responses to some of the prayers. But the focus is on Christmas. And that is so so sweet in the corporate setting.

Today the topic was on...waiting.

I was very interested to hear what the speaker was going to say on this topic and I was not disappointed. I took a page of notes.

One point that spoke powerfully to me was this: when one has surgery (internally) things on the outside don't really look like they're changing. But on the inside much healing is taking place. Things are being transformed and changed.

This is what it can look like when we're waiting. On the outside, there is no apparent change taking place. But on the inside, God is doing a work in me (and in you) and a transformation can take place. 

Two thousand and eleven years ago the world looked the same from the outside. Except for a few people, no one knew the change that was about to take place.

I wait in sweet anticipation of Christmas. The coming of our King. And I wait for God to reveal what His plan and purpose is for our family. And some of you wait for what God has for your family as well.

We can be confident that although it might seem that things aren't changing or moving in the direction that we would like, God is doing a work whether we can see it or not.

And if we allow Him to, he can be transforming us from the inside out. Our waiting does not need to be worthless. It shouldn't be wasted.

Let's wait expectantly...anticipating the great work that God is doing and will do...asking Him to transform us in the process of waiting.

I certainly have not been asking God for that lately. I've been whining rather than waiting. I've been working rather than waiting. And I've been wondering rather than waiting.

This is a lesson that I learn over and over and over again friends.

And this advent season is a good reminder about the purpose of waiting: to prepare our hearts. The speaker today said, "Christmas is so momentous an event that we must prepare our hearts, minds and homes."

Lets prepare shall we? Lets tell God we are waiting for Him. We are expecting Him. We are anticipating His work in our hearts and lives.

And lets sit back and see what He does.

As many of you know, this past year I fell in love with the song: "Waiting Here For You."

What a perfect song it is for this season of waiting. We're waiting here for you Jesus...with our hands lifted praise....and it's you we adore...singing Hallelujah.

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cybil said...

And the great thing with Advent is that this actually shows that our waiting is not wasted... there is so much to come!
Advent blessings,