Friday, January 27, 2012

"Take care of what I’ve given you"

This week I found myself doing dishes about 9 p.m. In-between crusty dinner plate and leftovers and messy counters, I was lamenting to the Lord. 

I was lamenting about our current state and the lack of knowing what the future state might hold. I was lamenting about finances and our family dreams and our heart to do things that we don’t feel we can do in this state of life right now. I was seriously lamenting complaining. I loaded the dishwasher and poured it all out (because God says we can you know. Go to Him. Anytime. Anywhere. Even while loading crusty plates and wiping messy counters).

And I heard him say, ever so softly, gently, but firmly… “Take care of what I’ve given you.”

Nothing profound, but profoundly affecting.

And His words, whispered to my heart, brought these words to mind: Take care of my sheep from John.

Take care of the children I have given you. They are young, so lather on your love and attention.

Take care of the husband I have given you. He’s trying hard to hold his chin up high…but he needs some love and attention.

Take care of the family I have given you. They won’t always be around so freely offer your love and attention.

Take care of the home I have given you. It’s old and requires love and attention.

Take care of your friends and the community you live in. The needs are great. Be intentional about giving of your love and attention.

And so I wiped the counters, filled the garbage, put the food away and responded to the Lord:

“Just to be clear, lest my heart be misunderstood, I wasn’t asking for more to do Lord…I was just complaining about what I can’t do—what we can’t do—even if we wanted to right now. Our hopes, dreams, desires—they are all on hold while we wait for employment. Big things and small things are all in a holding pattern. But now I realize…if it’s what You wanted us to be doing right now, then we’d be doing it. Because you are the One who opens the gates, you move the heavens, you light the stars, you guide the moon, you set the sun. And You—the One by whom all things are created and given—encourage me to care well for what you’ve blessed me with. And so I will Lord.”

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