Sunday, February 5, 2012

Gotcha Day

Dear Samuel,

Happy Gotcha Day little man...every day with you is exciting and adventurous and every year with you keeps getting better. 

We celebrate you today and every day Samuel. And actually we'll celebrate you a little more tomorrow than today because you and your sis spent last night unloading the contents of your tummies so we are all very short on sleep and energy today.

But tomorrow, we're gonna celebrate our forever family.

We're gonna celebrate who God created you to be.

We're gonna celebrate the gift of waiting, the gift of God's best, the gift of believing in a God who does more than we can ever ask or imagine.
We're gonna celebrate you, your story and how God continues to write it.

I thought I couldn't love you more than when I wrote this Dear Samuel letter. My heart was bursting with joy when I penned those words before we went to court three years ago today.

But I do love you more. And by God's grace, I'll continue to love you every day and for many many more gotcha days.



cybil said...

What a joyful day!!!
Congrats to the whole family!

JellyBelly said...

What a great day! Happy gotcha day to you all!