Friday, March 16, 2012

All about Samuel

Samuel eating "frosty's" carrot when we were building a snowman...

A couple months back we had some homework for my mom's group at church. We were studying and discussing a series called Grace-Based Parenting by Tim Kimmel.

Everyone in the group was challenged to think about what their children are particularly good at and how God might use that to fulfill His purpose in their life. 

I've been thinking about these for some time, and wanted to write them down. This is a good exercise - if you have children, pray about your children's strengths and how God might use those strengths for His glory.

Today I'll capture Samuel's strengths:

Imagination: This kid has an imagination like no other. Every time we're in a parking lot he says, "Run mommy run. The dinos are chasing us!" He is really into space shuttles these days and has turned his airplane toy into a spaceship and frequently asks us to count backwards for 'blast off.' He can turn just about anything into a drumstick and creates play from the most random household items. His creativity and imagination has no limits at this age.

Energetic: Samuel is a mover. He goes and goes and goes. He moves from one toy to another quickly, from one project to another and doesn't stop all day long until he crashes at night. Unless he is sitting for a book or a movie, he rarely sits. We often find him running laps from our front door to our back door. He climbs, runs, and jumps non-stop, and his little body is long, lean and all muscle as a result.

Curious: Samuel is observant, aware and asks so many questions. He wants to know how things work, why they do what they do, and in general, why, why, why. When he has heard the answer he still asks again. He is intrigued by toys and projects that he doesn't understand, but he bores quickly with them once he's figured them out. When we read about Jesus the questions are endless (and I frequently don't have answers). He challenges me daily with his questions and interest in the world around him.

Social: Samuel loves to be by people. Loves, loves, loves. He has a hard time playing by himself for any length of time because he desires to be close in proximity to others. He gives frequent hugs and wants us to play with him non-stop. He will often grab his blanket and come sit on the kitchen floor while I do dishes - just to be close to me. We try to do 'room time' where the kids have to play in their rooms while we shower or clean up, and it's really tough for Samuel to be alone. God definitely created this little man to be in community with others. 

Tenderhearted: Samuel has a way with babies and kids smaller than him. He has a very gentle side that comes out when he puts his hands on their faces or his arm around them. He loves gum and that was his reward for potty training. He still gets gum after using the bathroom, but he only gets a half piece at a time. The other day he said to me, "I am going to leave this gum here for daddy the next time he goes potty." He is crazy about his dad. I yelled at him this week when he threw a toy and he burst into tears and cried, "You really really hurt my feelings." It about broke my heart. He tells us many times a day that he loves his mommy and daddy.

We love you too little man. We love you too! And we can't wait to see how God uses you for His good and His glory. May we see you through His eyes and may His love for you encourage you to be who He has created you to be. It is a joy, a privilege and a challenge to raise you Samuel and we thank God daily for the opportunity to do so. 

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Karissa said...

This is my second time reading this. So fun to read about Samuel and the unique way he was created. Love that boy!