Monday, March 26, 2012

An Easter Challenge

Last year I offered up an Easter challenge to my blog readers, and I will do so again this year. 

Here's what it involves:
1. Read two chapters in the book of Luke for the 12 days prior to Easter. Just in case you're not sure about reading all of Luke, our speaker at church on Sunday said Luke is her favorite gospels (and she has her doctorate in New Testament!). It's a great read and covers the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus!  

2. Start reading on Tuesday and finish Luke the day before Easter. Or, begin reading on Wednesday and finish the last two chapters Easter morning. Another option: you can start on Tuesday and still save the last chapter (Jesus' resurrection) for Easter morning.

Leave a simple "I'm in" comment if you're up for the challenge. Know that I'll be praying for each one of you who takes up the challenge.

These days it is so easy for me to pick up my Nook, or one of the books from the library, or a book I've borrowed from a friend, and read page after page after page. I can cuddle in my bed, snuggle on the couch or soak in the bath tub and stay up far too late reading to my heart's content.

This Easter, I am committed to taking the time to read 24 chapters about the life and death and resurrection of Jesus. If you haven't read the Bible, start here. If you read it regularly, challenge yourself to read it through new eyes with a heart open to what God wants to say to you. Read it online, on your phone or open up the pages of God's Word and soak in the greatest story ever told.

Friends, e v e r y t h i n g I believe about my faith hinges on the fact that I serve and love a living, risen Savior. He defeated death. 
My faith is not based on good fortune, positive vibes, saints, prophets or the like. I have a relationship with the living God. I believe and trust and live for Christ alone. 

Together lets make Easter about more than just pictures, dressing up, being with family, Easter baskets, egg hunts, and even attending a church service. Preparing our hearts and minds to remember the greatest single act of love in human history--the death of Jesus--followed by the most miraculous event--the resurrection of Jesus--cannot be done on Easter morning.

Lets do it together! Are you in? 


whenwilliconceive said...

I'm in!

Anonymous said...

I'm in...thanks Stacy...Mir

Ann said...

I did this with you (2 years?) ago... and I'm in again. I'm planning to read "The Message" version of Luke this time.

Tarrin-Rae said...

I'm in. Will have to catch up tho...