Monday, March 12, 2012


Life has been filled with lots of activity lately and I haven't made time to blog. I've been:

...celebrating 11 years of marriage

...talking with and praying for my husband as we consider a new potential career change (more on this in the coming weeks)

...interviewing preschools and childcare in preparation for my husband to hopefully return to work

...trying to balance working three days a week and caring for my family and home (got any tips?)

...reading Building a Discipling Culture and In Defense of Food (what are YOU reading? I would love to know)

...getting back into a regular exercise routine (it's been far too long). Kettlebells anyone?

...creating weekly meal plans to help reduce dinner-time stress and use up food in our pantry and freezers 

...talking with friends whom I adore and feel so privileged to share in their lives

...enjoying the recording-breaking warm weather we've been having in my state

...rocking out at a Lady Antebellum concert (had to throw this in here - early birthday gift and SO fun!)

...cherishing the unexpected, daily kairos moments with my children

...pondering what an abundant life with Jesus looks like as I prepare to enter the 36th year of my life!


cybil said...

congrats on 11 years of marriage!
your activities and plans sound exciting!!!
We also enjoy sunshine and slowly upcoming warmner weather here in Geneva/Switzerland!

whenwilliconceive said...

Exercise routine - the best advice someone has given me was to start off slow. Don't try to do anything too advanced right away because you will more than likely end up discouraging yourself. I've never done the Kettle Balls but a lady I work with does it and loves it.
Congrats to 11 years and Happy Birthday!
Praying that God guides you with the work situation. Thanks for being a positive person with your blog even when things don't work out how you planned. I've learned so much from you and so have other women whom I've shared your blog with. So glad I stumbled upon your blog.