Monday, April 2, 2012

A Resurrection Garden

Last week I was reading A Holy Experience and fell in love with this idea. A grace garden. A Resurrection garden. An Easter garden. A visual parable. It's called many different names, but they all tell the same story.

The story of Jesus. A tomb. A death. And a risen Savior. 

I was so excited.

I had hoped to make it this past weekend and that just didn't happen. 

But tonight a dear friend dropped of the makings for us to create our own resurrection garden. It was a wonderful activity to bring our hearts into focus this Holy Week. 

And it will be a visual reminder all week long. 
We have to tweak a few things: put together our cross, find a stone to cover the tomb, and add some more dirt....but here are a few pictures of our garden:

There is another version that you can make that includes sprinkling grass seed and watering it in the weeks leading up to Easter. You can find those directions here.

The following are ideas and suggestions about how to talk to your children about the events that took place during Holy Week:

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