Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Growing your family through...Facebook?

The other night the local news featured a story about a couple from Spicer, Minnesota, who have a 5-year-old son and have had four miscarriages in the process of trying to give him a sibling. They have chosen to pursue an open adoption to grow their family and are using Facebook to do so. Ryan and I thought it was the coolest story. 

The article mentions that 50 percent of adoptions occur by word of mouth...which is exactly how our adoption with Samuel occurred. As well as my friend Jeri Anne. And my friend Meredith.

If you desire to grow your family through adoption...tell people. Tell EVERYONE! I love the idea of using social media to spread the word about your heart for adopting.

Definitely check out the news story below as well as their Facebook page. God's blessings on your adoption journey Thompson family!

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