Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dear Lauren,

Happy Birthday baby girl! I can't hardly believe how fast the days have gone by. The days…the months...the years. And now you’re three. Which is still so little…but yet so big! Here are a couple of my favorite photos of you from the past few months:

Almost every night when I check on you before I go to sleep for the night, I find that you have a Bible in your bed (that I always tuck under your bed and you always pull out). You love your Jesus books and your Jesus stories. I pray those pages and those people and those words and those stories soak into your heart…not just your head…and change you through and through. The Word of God is living and active Lauren and may it play a powerful, transformative role in your life in the years to come. I pray God births a passion in you for His Word that goes far beyond the simple Jesus stories we read today.

You have a delicate, tender heart. When you get in trouble you look at me and say “I love you” or you start rubbing my shoulder. How does one respond to that sweetness? It's hard to stay angry at that kind of gesture. What reveals your tender heart so much is when you are sad or in trouble or I yell at you and you burst into tears and sob, “That really hurts my heart.” I would think you were a master manipulator, except that you mean every single word of it. I pray God protects that tender heart and uses it for your good and His glory.

Your heart for music and singing is only increasing with age. You sing all the time. Just this week you asked for “De Thou My Vision.” You insisted it was De even after I tried to tell you it was Be. 
Dad broke his foot last week and when we were in the car you told him that the music would make his foot feel better. Even at a young age you can grasp the importance of worship and praising and dancing. You understand music can minister in its own unique ways. I pray God uses that gift in mighty ways. 

Tuesday the teachers at your school had to pull you off of me screaming and crying. My heart nearly broke and this mama fled in tears. Some days it’s really hard to be a working mom. I want to always be the one to comfort you and hold you and cuddle you. And yet the bigger you get, the less of you I will get. I’m still your favorite person in the whole word and that makes me happier than anything. The other day at Grandma Ruth’s you woke up from your nap and cried and cried. Grandma called daddy for help and he told her, "The only things she loves more than her mom is cheese.” It worked…grandma fed you some cheese and you didn't shed another tear. 
I pray God keeps our relationship open and honest and full of sweet mother-daughter moments. 

You are a girl through and through. At three you love painted toes and baby dolls and bracelets and dress up shoes and dresses. You love hide and seek, monsters chasing you, hiding from daddy under the blankets, roasting marshmallows under our sheets and doing puzzles (you are amazing at puzzles!). You color like a rockstar and love playdough and any crafts or projects. You can read Brown Bear Brown Bear all by yourself.

You, Samuel and I were leaving dad the other day to go to the chiropractor and you said, "Don’t forget to miss me dad.” How is there so much cuteness wrapped up in one little girl? Your heart is tender and sweet and loves deeply and freely and purely. I pray God grows all of that into a woman who loves Him dearly.

Baby girl you make me a better person. I love being your mom. Last night as I was putting you to bed I was overwhelmed by the fact that it was my last time putting my 2-year-old to sleep. I read to you and prayed with you and started singing our usual Amazing Grace and then I couldn't. I couldn't sing any more because the tears were running down my face and I was overcome. Overcome by how good our God is and how much I love you and how blessed I am to be your mom. So I sat by your bed and sobbed my eyes out...all because you're turning 3.

Maybe this is just something you should come to expect every year :)

Happy happy birthday little girl. Today and every day, you are my sunshine.

Off to Chutes-n-Ladders we go!


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Anonymous said...

so beautiful...I cried reading it. Happy Birthday Lauren. Way to go mama! You are both loved! Mir