Thursday, October 4, 2012

31 days of waiting well

"Be assured of this, if you're not in it right now, God will call all of us to waiting periods in our lives. And the way that we wait reveals the extent to which we trust the One we are ultimately waiting for. How you wait matters. If you wait well, one day you will be able to say: Here's what God did, here's what God did, here's what God did during my wait."John Fuller

God has much to say in His Word about waiting...and I have learned much during my seasons of waiting. Friends I don't know why waiting is part of my story, but I am committed to sharing words on waiting in this small space that God has given me to write. 

So for the 31 days of October I will post words on waiting written from my heart. I'm doing this as part of an annual challenge by The Nester. Currently, there are 1,206 bloggers that have joined the challenge to write on a topic for the 31 days of October. I will be blogger 1,207 (I'm a little late to the game).

31 days of waiting will include excerpts and quotes that have profoundly impacted me during my seasons of waiting. It will include the life-giving words of Scripture that speak of waiting. It will include pictures and music that represent waiting. And it will include lessons I've learned during my days of waiting.

To be transparent, I am nervous about committing to writing every day for 31 days (I am a writer, but that's a lot of writing!). I am nervous about how God might want to use my waiting and my words. I am nervous about how to clearly communicate about a topic that is near and dear to my heart...and I am nervous about the emotions that come with thinking about the hardest days of waiting.

But I know many of you are waiting too. And you inspire me. You are waiting for physical or emotional healing for yourself or a loved one. You are waiting for a relationship to begin or to be restored. You are waiting for a loved one to recognize their need for Jesus. You are waiting for your dreams to come to fruition. You are waiting for the day when there will be more money than bills. You are waiting for Jesus to be BIG and move mountains in your life. You are waiting for your career to start or your schooling to end. You are waiting for the hard to be over. You are waiting.

And so...

I pray these 31 days will encourage your heart if you are waiting. I pray they will challenge you to walk the road of waiting with your head held high and your eyes centered squarely on Jesus. I pray they will prepare you for the waiting that you may one day encounter. And most of all, I pray that by God's grace, we would each learn to wait well.

Day 1:
Still Waiting
Day 3: Dear Samuel (a birthday letter)
Day 4: God's promises to those who
Day 5: Maybe God simply wants us to wait
Day 6: Worship in the wait
Day 7: Fixing our eyes on Jesus
Day 8: The insanity of waiting
Day 9: I would have waited forever
Day 10: Words on waiting: Has God forgotten you?
Day 11: Choose wisely in your wait
Day 12:
Day 13: The Lord's people have always been a waiting people
Day 14: Hope in the wait
Day 15: When the wait wears heavy
Day 16: Your thoughts on waiting
Day 17:
Day 18: Blessings in the wait
Day 19: The cost of the journey
Day 20:
Day 21: The beauty of brokenness
Day 22: What God has to say about waiting
Day 23: When the waiting hurts
Day 24:
Day 25: Waiting on God by Cherie Hill
Day 26:
Day 27: Loving God more
Day 28: Praise in the wait

Day 29: God will answer when God is ready
Day 30: Waiting makes us stronger
Day 31:


Anonymous said...

Hello Stacy,
I myself have been very impressed by the topic of 'waiting' and browsing through the web on this very topic I bumped into your blog. I love what you have done and will continue to read it through. I feel such anointing on your words and work. Well done and thanks for writing.

Anonymous said...

Thanx a lot,

But why there is nothing in some days : day 12, 17, 20, 24, 26, 31?

D Taylor said...

great job.... you broke the waiting thing down down piece by piece I can relate across the board. thank you and God bless you