Thursday, October 11, 2012

Choose wisely in your wait

An acquaintance reached out to me more than a year ago asking about Ryan's job search. Her husband had been unemployed for a year. We communicated online a little bit and got together in person to chat. From there our friendship has continued to grow and I know she is someone who really 'gets it.' She frequently contacts me to encourage my heart and receive updates on our journey. I am so thankful that God has connected us because of a shared experience. 

While everyone may (or may not?) know that you are in a waiting season, it's wise to choose carefully with whom you share your heart. 

It's one thing for others to know you are waiting, it's another for you to reveal the most tender parts of your heart. 

Some people can handle it...others can't. 

Some will respond with love, compassion and encouragement...others will be uncomfortable and will be prepared to offer you support in your waiting.

Some will listen with an open mind...others will talk to make themselves feel better about your situation. 

In waiting (and really with all things that are tender and vulnerable), ask God to grant you wisdom and discernment with whom you open your heart to. 

God might connect you with people you didn't know had (or currently are) walking the same path as you. He might open up doors for you to enter a new level of intimacy in a friendship.

Or, God might prompt you to not share your heart with someone who isn't able to respond in the way you need them to. 

Our desperation to be heard and understood, can cloud our vision in the choices we make.

While waiting, be careful with your heart, choose wisely and know that God sees and hears and understands


cybil said...

you are absolutely right!
Enjoy your Sunday!

Niki said...

How true, its a shame I've had to learn the hard way.