Sunday, December 16, 2012

A final request for help buying a cow

One month ago I announced that Samuel wanted to buy a cow.

We asked for help from our readers, friends and family.

In that time we have raised $340.


You people are amazing and we are 
so grateful for those who have contributed.

We are $160 away from our goal (a dairy cow costs $500) and we have just one week until Christmas.

One week to present a gift that could change a family forever.

Will you help us?

Watch Samuel and Lauren's request here (I have absolutely no idea why they felt the need to scream out their request!):

My original post includes a link at the end to a paypal account (of course we are happy to accept cash or check as well).

For one month we have been praying as a family that God would provide and we are trusting and believing that He will.

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