Saturday, December 22, 2012

When is Christmas?

Lauren and I took a walk around our neighborhood tonight. The sun had just set and we scooted outside for a quick walk to look at Christmas lights.

The air was crisp, the snow crunched under our boots and together we sang Christmas songs as we looked at lights, reindeer and snowmen.

Lauren said, "It's Christmas!"

I quickly corrected her: "No, Christmas isn't for three more days."

And then I stopped.

What was I saying?

Of course, it's Christmas.

Christmas isn't just for 24 hours on December 25.

Christmas is this month...this season...these days and weeks and these moments.

Christmas is quiet nights with just the lights of the Christmas tree glowing.

Christmas is reading Luke 2, listening to Luke 2, memorizing Luke 2, meditating on Luke 2.

Christmas is music...worship...Christmas songs. Again. And again. And again please.

Christmas is giving to others just as God gave His only Son.

Christmas is walking through the neighborhood looking at Christmas lights with a little girl whose excitement and joy for this season takes my breath away.

She wants to listen to Go Tell It on a Mountain over and over and over. And we let her. Because Christ is born and everyone needs to hear that Good News.

"Let's run mama, let's run!"

All right baby girl. Let's run. Let's run and tell the world that it's Christmastime.

Christ has come.

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cybil said...

Wonderful post! Also love the mob of kindness!! Wishing you that God will fulfill the desires of your heart in 2013!
Big blessings from Stuttgart/Germany