Monday, February 4, 2013

February: adoption month!

Technically, November is National Adoption Month.

But for me, the month of February is all about adoption.

Four years ago today we became a forever family when Samuel's adoption was finalized. Today we talk about gotcha day and becoming a family and even though Samuel doesn't really understand what that all means, he knows it's special. He knows it's about him. He knows it is part of his story.

We will always celebrate becoming a forever family because it provides us with the opportunity to remember what God has done for us. Gotcha Day represents God's faithfulness and my heart continues to be overwhelmed with gratitude to God and to our birth mother.

This month I'd like to post about adoption. Both adoption that fulfills a dream to become parents and adoption that fulfills God's calling to care for the orphan.

More than anything, I believe God adopting us as His children is the most beautiful expression of love. We love because He first loved {and adopted!} us.

Thursday a co-worker became a mom when her birth mother delivered a baby boy.

Today a friend held her second child just minutes after the birth mom delivered him.

Last month a high school friend went to Haiti and met the little boy who is going to call her mother.

Each story is different. So unique. So precious. So full of God's promises. Each one filled with heartache, loss and sacrifice amidst the joy.

My friend who has a little boy with down syndrome wrote on his first birthday that she doesn't see a boy with down syndrome. She just sees her son.

What a beautiful picture of a mother's love for her child.

I don't see an adopted child when I look at Samuel. I just see my son. And I see how God's perfect hand and perfect timing brought him to our family.

I hope you'll come back this month to read a little about adoption. Some posts will include my words. Many posts will be (or link to) the words of others. Maybe you'll learn a thing or two. Maybe you'll be challenged to support those trying to adopt. Maybe your heart will even be opened to what God has in store for your family.

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