Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What I want you to know about my son's birth mother

I just read a blog post titled "what I want you to know about my daughter's birth mother."

It wasn't long but it was honest and it was powerful. And it was inspiring. 

So here's my what I want you to know about my son's birth mother:

My son's birth mother was 19 when she did the hard work of delivering my son into this world. She hadn't planned on him. She hadn't expected this little life. She found herself at a hospital delivering a baby and needing to find a family to raise him. She took a risk and chose us and trusted us with the gift of her son.

Today she is known to Samuel as Samantha. Samuel knows he grew in her tummy. We tell him how thankful we are for her decision to allow us to be his parents forever and ever and ever. We pray and thank God for Samantha and her decision. We don't talk about her often because adoption is not his identity, but it is part of his story and our story.
We cannot tell the story of God's great plan for our family without including our birth mother. It is through her that God gave us our miracle.

We don't shy away from questions or conversations about Samantha. Samuel will only ever hear words of affirmation and gratitude coming from our mouths about his birth mother. He will always know that we are grateful beyond words for the decision she made in that hospital room when he was just 24 hours old. Her decision changed our lives forever.

Today I have a son who is handsome and smart and fast and strong. He is passionate and good and curious and full of life. I had no part in his conception and I did not carry him or birth him. But I am raising him each day, by God's grace, to be proud of who he is, where he came from and who God created him to be. I am raising him to trust that the same God who placed each star in the sky wrote the beautiful story that led him to be part of our family. And God does not make mistakes.

Our hearts are full of love and gratitude for our birth mother. We will spend our lives praying that Samuel can see what a brave, strong and beautiful woman she is.