Monday, April 8, 2013

"The right to a family is a basic human right"

Stuck is an award-winning documentary currently traveling around the country that tells the heart-wrenching stories of children and parents who are navigating through the international adoption system.
Stuck shares that:
  • There are an estimated 10 million children in orphanages world-wide waiting for families to adopt them.
  • International adoptions to the U.S. have declined by 50% in the past five years. 
  • "The world has stopped paying attention."
  • "The right to a family is a basic human right."
"The purpose of the film is to help the average person understand the issues and create a movement that will ultimately put pressure on U.S. officials to force a more supportive attitude toward International Adoption."
It's going to 60 cities in 80 days (it's already been on tour since March 1 and continues through May 16). The tour ends in Washington D.C. with a Step Forward for Orphans March on May 17.

I am attending the viewing on April 23 in Minneapolis. If you are local, please join me in supporting this cause and raising awareness.
If the tour isn't coming to your city (or you missed it), you can buy the documentary online for the cost of one meal at a restuarant. And, you support Both Ends Burning with your purchase.

I cannot watch this trailer (embedded below) without crying. Every. Single. Time. Please take two minutes and watch it.

You don't need to be an adoptive parent to support adoption. God calls us ALL to care for orphans. You need only have a heart for His children. 


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