Wednesday, August 14, 2013

But He Was Already Ours

I started to type out some powerful phrases in this video by adoptive mom Jennie Allen, but there were too many. It's from the heart of a mom…about unconditional love…and a reflection of our Father’s love for us…her heart was stolen by her son...he was not from her flesh, but from the hand of God.

"I think that this idea that love is supposed to feel right. It's emotional....whatever. It's a commitment. It is a decision. That you say: you know what? No matter what you do to me I am in. You can treat me any way. I am in and I am not going to quit pursuing you and I am not going to quit loving you and I am not going to quit sacrificing for you." 

Take 4 minutes to watch this:


Lisa Elliott said...

wow this made me cry this was a great video. I never knew what love was as a child. But now I do because I have God to love me. Thanks Stacy.

cybil said...