Saturday, May 10, 2014

God, please heal the owies on daddy's brain

My 4-year-old daughter’s favorite time of day is when we read books and snuggle together. On this particular night, after the books were read and we had snuggled for some time, I asked her to pray. The day had been one long prayer-filled day of anxiety and unanswered questions, and I was beyond exhausted. And there it was. The most precious of all prayers passed through her lips and straight to my heart: 

“God, please heal the owies on daddy’s brain. Heal him God. We love him. We love him because he’s our dad. And you are the only one who can heal.”

She hasn’t yet learned to ask tentatively and she doesn’t demand. She prays in belief asking the God of Heaven to heal her daddy. She prays with child-like faith. She doesn’t worry about praying the right words. She proclaims God as her healer and asks Him to honor her request.  

“God, please heal the owies on daddy’s brain."

My children’s daddy, my husband of 13 years, a lover of politics and coffee, recently received a multiple sclerosis (MS) diagnosis. 

It’s rocking our world. 

It’s changing our life, our family, our home, our future.

This diagnosis comes with tears…heartache…grief…sadness.

We are not unfamiliar with these emotions. We’ve faced them before. We’ve experienced miscarriages. We’ve walked the road of infertility. We journeyed through years of unemployment. 

Our hearts will always remember our season of loss and infertility. And now we quietly close the unemployment chapter, locks hands and hearts, and together walk into a future that only God knows.  

“Heal him God. We love him. We love him because he’s our dad.” 

This diagnosis begins a new chapter in our family’s story. A journey to healing and wholeness. We don’t know what this journey will look like. We don’t know if healing and wholeness will be on this side of Heaven. We pray every single day for daddy’s health to be restored. For the medicine to work. For the doctor’s to know how to treat the owies on daddy’s brain and spinal cord. But we know that healing ultimately rests in God’s hands.

“You are the only one who can heal." 

We serve a God of miracles. We serve a God of perfect timing. We serve a God who brings beauty out of ashes.

God, healing is in your hands.


cybil said...

Dear Stacy,
I'm so sorry to hear this and I pray for your husband's complete healing! May God give you a wonderful testimony!!!
Blessings, sibylle

Thankful said...

Praying for all of you!

Traveller said...

Oh, how hard! I add my prayers for this next season of your journey.

Kimmy B said...

I read your story and felt moved to share this video with you. (I hope Blogger won't block my comment because of it.) It's about a woman, a doctor, who cured her own MS strictly by diet. I have no idea why I felt moved to share this with you... God speaks, I guess. :) (Ignore the red graphic at the beginning of the video, it does work and play.)

Luck, prayer and blessings to you and your family.

Jennifer Dumdei said...

Dear Stacy and Ryan,
Words cannot express the sadness we feel. We will be praying and asking God to be with you and your family.
With Love,
Jenny and Chad