Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The big yellow bus is waiting for you

Written Monday, August 25, 2014...

Dear Samuel,
This week you’re taking a big step onto that yellow bus Wednesday morning and beginning a whole new journey in your life. As that day approaches, I’m thinking about the letter I wrote you on February 5, 2009, as we were about to head off to the courthouse to make you an official member of our family. My heart was so full then and it’s full now.

In 2009 I cried tears of joy as your dad and I swore before a judge to care for you to the best of our ability. I brought you home and snuggled with you and celebrated you. I was in awe of how God brought you to us and made you a miraculous part of our family.

This week I again cry tears of joy and disbelief. Today I am in awe of the incredible boy that you are and the privilege it is to be your mom. You are going to get on a bus, walk through those school doors and become your own little independent person.  

You are moments away from losing your first tooth. You are days away from starting Kindergarten. You are weeks away from turning 6. These are big things and busy days and it’s all going by so fast. Too fast for this mama’s heart.

I don’t want to forget these moments. I want to treasure the little person you are Samuel and the big steps you are taking. Huge steps. I’m praying for you dear son, for God to guide you during your days, for the desire to choose wisely, for the courage to become all that God created you to be, for good work habits, a love for learning, a kind spirit, a courageous attitude and a compassionate heart. Of course I want you to learn and receive an education, but even more I want your character to reflect your Creator. My prayers are endless. My love is constant little man.

I worry about silly things like whether or not you’ll remember to wash your hands after using the bathroom and if you’ll get too hungry before lunch and will you be sure to notice the kid who is alone and be brave enough to introduce yourself?

We’re sending you off with hugs and prayers and tears of gratitude to God. We’re anticipating a great year, in a fantastic school, with a new community of people to teach you and grow you and challenge you. I feel like we made the right decision about your school and that feels really good. I’m taking comfort in that and trusting that God is opening up the right doors for our family in this season.

Lydia’s going to miss having you around all day to tickle her and hold her and make her laugh. Lauren’s going to miss her playmate. You’ve always been together you two. Since you were 11 months old. But Kindergarten is just for you. Lauren will stay back, watching and waiting for her turn next year. She’s your very best friend Samuel (whether you realize that or not) and she’s excited for you too.

Every day when you get home your sisters will be there to greet you. And mom and dad will pester you with questions about your day and your classmates and recess and your favorite subject.

Here we go. It’s time little man. The big yellow bus is waiting for you and a whole new world of adventure welcomes you.

Love you,

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cybil said...

Happy start and big blessings on Samuel!