Thursday, October 23, 2014

Six months post diagnosis

Today marks 6 months since we received Ryan's diagnosis.

I have written so little on this blog in the past 6 months. I have so many thoughts and words in my head...but they rarely make it onto this page. 

I love this blog. I have poured countless hours and energy into the words written here. I am thankful for the opportunity to share our story and God's plan for our family on this page. And I hope to write again more regularly...someday.

For now I am parenting and working and caring for my husband and adjusting to our new normal. And I'm writing updates and prayer requests on this page for our community so they can be praying for us on this new journey.

Today I wrote a thank you for the love and support and prayers that we have received during the past 6 months. For all of you who have shared in our story and the miracle of our children and walked with us through a season of unemployment--and have reached out to me recently--this thank you is for you as well. I have not responded to your emails due to limited time, but I have read them and I am grateful for your words and for your encouragement.

God is good and He is always faithful to His Word. We cling to His promises. We trust in His plan. And we believe that He will make this, yes even this, beautiful in its time.

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cybil said...

thank you for sharing! May God bless your family abundantly and may he heal Ryan completely!